Google Introduces “The Talking Shoe”

13 Mar


What if your sneakers could talk? Would it make updates like “I’m buying a new pair of shoes at NikeTown” or “I’ve just been traded/sold”? It would definitely be an interesting way to document our personal sneaker collections while getting the lowdown on what’s going on with your friends, but at the very foundation of this idea is the concept of connecting everyday objects for the sake of storytelling. ArtCopyCode by Google has teamed up with Zachary Lieberman, founder of YesYesNo, to create a “Talking Shoe” that sends data via installed mechanisms and sends it out to a web app for social media broadcasting on Google+ and more.

This fun video describes the potential of a talking pair of kicks, which voices motivational phrases during pick-up games and expresses discomfort when stowed away in a backpack. Your thoughts on this fun idea that was recently unveiled at SXSW? It definitely needs a design revamp and it doesn’t have that sleek and sexy silhouette of a Nike Mag (or even a pair of Reebok Pumps), but this new take on wearable tech is definitely interesting. Check out the video below.



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