Wendy’s New Logo, Select Restaurants Will Receive Makeovers

2 Mar


Wendy’s believes its brand transformation will increase their overall revenue. Despite economic hardships in America, the brand is still seeing positive results and was happy to showcase their new logo. They understand that their consumers are currently experiencing hard times, due to job cuts, increase in gasoline prices and of course the terrible housing market. The company prides itself on keeping their customers happy and that is what they plan on doing in 2013.

Wendy’s employees will find themselves wearing new uniforms with the updated logo. Consumers will experience new menu boards. They are expecting to update approximately 100 of the restaurants by adding flat screen televisions, Wifi, and lounge seating. They will also be discontinuing breakfast items in select restaurants as well as shutting some down; in order to have the budget to focus on revamping successful ones. While they are focusing upon making menu items extremely affordable to their consumers by adding new chicken items to the 99 cent menu; they also want to make sure the quality of their food is exquisite. In 2012, they added premium menu choices which included:  Bacon Portobello Melt, Spicy Chicken Guacamole Club and Flatbread Grilled Chicken.

The popular fast food chain’s new logo appears modernized. Instead of the white font, it was altered to red and Wendy’s pigtails appear shorter. Wendy looks as if she is a couple of years older, like she went from being 12 years old to 15. Wendy does not seem to age. It is not a drastic change which is good because she has been their logo since the first restaurant opened in 1969. The restaurant always prided itself on giving their customers the type of service they deserve. They also gained popularity because of their “old fashioned” burgers. 

This year should be a good year for the company in terms of sales revenue. They are adding new items to their menu, some of which will attract consumers due to their low price along with healthier and premium options which should attract health conscious. “In 2014 and 2015, we expect our image activation efforts to accelerate, and we believe that about 20% of the total system and about 50% of the company restaurants will have completed image activation reimages by the end of 2015,” Mr. Brolick said.



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