Acura unveils updated NSX concept, has one V6 and three electric motors

15 Jan


Acura chose last year’s NAIAS to unveil the reborn NSX, heir to an epic throne of motorsports lineage. But, it was lacking a few things — most notably an interior. This year, Honda’s superlative brand is showing off a new generation of concept for the car that is still, sadly, at least two years away from production. As before it’s powered by the company’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, a system that’s spun most forcefully by a mid-mounted V6, helped by three electric motors.

One is mounted to the V6 to provide a hybrid setup, the other two slung between the front wheels to give those tires up front little spin when needed. The new interior is a typically focused experience, full of leather and carbon fiber. It looks perfectly ready for production, but we’re told it’s just one potential design from a few they’re toying with. No word on how much Acura’s return to the supercar world might cost when it goes into production, but we’re just glad to see this on a definite path to availability.

Gallery Image


Gallery Image


Gallery Image

Gallery Image


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