This Touch-Sensitive Hologram Makes Your Touchscreen Phone Look Old

14 Jan


A company called Displair recently showed off its projector machine that uses a touchscreen made out of mist at CES. 

The machine, which needs to be hooked up to a touchscreen device, has a camera, sensor, and projector to project the screen forward onto the wall of mist. 

Even though the image is created in the air, you can physically touch and interact with the screen. In fact, you can do just about anything on the Displair that you can do on a tablet. 

Displair is set to launch by the third quarter of this year for enterprise customers and will cost $10,000 per unit. 

But a Displair spokesperson told Jason Gilbert at The Huffington Post that the device will be available for consumers in about five years. 

Check out Gilbert playing a game of Fruit Ninja on the Displair in the video below.


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