Who needs a hard drive? Kingston announces 1TB flash drive

11 Jan


Remember the scene in This is Spinal Tap when guitarist Nigel Tufnel showed off amplifiers whose volume went all the way up to 11? Well it looks as though Kingston has taken a similar approach with its new DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 flash drive that can store as much as 1TB — yes, that’s one terabyte — of data. Needless to say, such an enormous flash drivepacks some decent speed as well and Kingston says it delivers a maximum 240Mbps read speed and a 160Mbps write speed. Kingston hasn’t yet announced pricing for its 1TB flash drive, but given that its 512GB drive sells for $1337, then it’s highly likely that the 1TB version will be in the $2,500 range.



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