Scientists working on new broadband tech that could create 2000x faster fiber speeds

7 Nov


Think Google (GOOGFiber is fast? Whatever. Some scientists in Wales are brewing something that’s 2,000 times better. As ISPreview reports, a group of scientists working at the Welsh Bangor University are trying to create “a commercially affordable method of using Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OOFDM) over fibre optic lines, which could deliver broadband ISP speeds that are 2,000 times faster than current services.” What makes this especially cool is that the researchers are gearing this technology specifically toward home and business Internet connections and not toward infrastructure such as undersea cables. Bangor University Professor Jianming Tang said that the new technology will deliver insanely fast speeds while also providing “a guaranteed quality of services at a price that subscribers are currently paying for their current 20Mb/s services, regardless of subscribers’ home location.”


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