Reebok Gives World’s Tallest Man Custom $25,000 Sneakers

20 Oct


If you’re one of our big-footed readers just know that it could be worse, with the likes of America’s current tallest man on record Igor Vovkovinskiy going through plenty of struggles in finding some appropriate footwear. As we reported on earlier in the year, Reebok took up the task of ouftting Vovkovinskiy with a proper pair of sneakers that could both fit his feet and support his weight. This week they completed the task, spending $25,000 to create the 24 10E size sneaker, with a Minnesota Timberwolves colorway included as an homage to Igor’s home state and his love of the team.

Igor’s become a bit of a minor celebrity, with several TV appearances and even a firm handshake with President Obama (while wearing a ‘World’s Tallest Obama Supporter” t-shirt) under his belt, and his recently-built size 24 10E (for reference, double E is considered ‘Wide’) should gain him some notoriety among our regular readers here on Sneaker News. More shots of Igor and his new ‘Boks after the jump, so take a look and give us your take on this interesting development by Reebok.


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