Google will likely lose money on every 8GB Nexus 7 tablet sold

9 Jul


Google has already admitted that it won’t be making any money selling its new Nexus 7 tablet. However, a new teardown from TechInsights suggests that Google could actually lose money on every single Nexus 7 it sells.Fudzilla did some calculations based on the TechInsights teardown and found that every 8GB Nexus 7 tablet has $184 worth of parts, or just $15 less than the Nexus 7′s sale price. Fudzilla notes that this estimate doesn’t account for other costs such as marketing, logistics, and research and development, so it’s highly likely thatGoogle could sell the 8GB Nexus 7 at a significant loss. However, Fudzilla also says that Google could make up for this by selling lots of 16GB Nexus 7 models, which will generate “a handsome profit” for each unit sold.$184-to-build

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