Prepaid MiFi coming to Walmart, starting at $10 for 100MB with no expiry

21 Jun


Hot on the heels of T-Mobile’s new 4G prepaid options, Walmart has paired with TruConnect to offer a MiFi for “casual users.” The service — called Internet on the Go — appears to be based on Sprint’s 3G network (with no mention of LTE on the horizon) and claims to have 97 percent coverage as a result. It requires a MiFi 2200 made by Novatel, which can cope with up to five devices over WiFi and to which you then add a minimum of $10 for 100MB or up to $45 for 1GB. That’s not cheap by any means, and the PR below doesn’t actually specify the price of the dongle itself — but at least the service looks flexible, as you can also choose automatic online refills at $20 for 450MB. And the last bit of good news? You can burn through those rations as quickly or as slowly as you please, because there’s no time limit so long as you use the service at least once per year.


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