ICANN mulling .apple, .google domain names, among others

14 Jun


Anyone wondering what wild-and-crazy domain strings companies and organizations have been applying for lately can now go check out the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ most recent list of applied-for strings. It seems that multiple companies have applied for the .app domain while Google, Amazon, Cisco and Apple have all applied for .google, .amazon, .cisco and .apple, respectively. Google in particular went absolutely cuckoo for domain applications as Engadget counted a whopping 101 domain applications filed by the world’s top search engine, including applications for .youtube, .docs and even .lol. And yes, for those wondering, ICM Registry PN LLC was the company that applied for the .porn and .sex domains. All listed domain applications were submitted between January 12th and May 30th this year, ICANN said.




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