Sky-Watching Geeks are in for a Treat This Weekend with a Supermoon

4 May


We don’t talk about too much space stuff around here, but something is going to happen this week that is rare and is definitely worth a mention. The moon will be much closer to Earth than it normally is. The Earth will come within 221,802 miles of the lunar surface at exactly 11:34 PM Eastern standard time this coming Saturday.

That means if the weather holds in your area you can go outside and you will see the largest moon of the year. The event has a fancy technical name – a “perigee-syzygy,” but us common folk simply call it a “supermoon.” A supermoon occurs when a full moon happens within 12 hours of the lunar perigee. The perigee is the point when the moon is closest to the Earth.

You don’t have to fear that the moon being so close to the Earth will cause earthquakes or volcanoes. The worst we will experience is that people in the coastal areas will see a lower and higher tides than usual. Be on the lookout for the giant moon this weekend.


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