Volunteers sound the horn in Henryville

9 Mar

Monday afternoon,  11-year-old Zaryn Sullivan stood in the middle of the devastation in Henryville as cars drove past sounding their horns. 

Sullivan was holding a sign that read, “Honk if you love Jesus, he loves you.”

The horns and hearts are sounding in Henryville.  Sullivan hopes his sign serves as a reminder of faith at work.

He certainly brought the human spirit from his hometown of Bedford, Indiana.  Sullivan’s family and friends of Smokin’ Jims BBQ in Bedford have been standing over a hot grill feeding survivors and volunteers beef, pulled pork and hot dogs since Saturday.

“That’s our job to feed those who need it,” said Jim Gore of Smokin’ Jims, ” We have to take care of others who need it because tomorrow, it may be our house.”


Bedford suffered it’s own tornado last year but, this devastation was hard to compare.

BBQ employee Rebecca Godsey told WAVE 3 News, ” The walking around and looking at the destruction is the thing that moved me the most.”

Her co-worker Darin Kinser added, “You want to cry when you drive in, seeing the sign that says ‘Henryville Closed’, he said, “That tells you something right there.”

Whether it’s a helping hand from the Red Cross, a hot meal from Walmart or a needed hug, we found it on every corner.

8-year-old Jacob Sweet wanted to serve his classmates.

He told us he wanted to help the tornado survivors because they’re special.  His mom Bobby said of their volunteering, ” It feels good, Jacob called everybody special and I’m just trying to teach him to give.”


Greg Carter, a Walmart Volunteer said, ” These people are amazing, I’ve not seen a frown, everybody has been upbeat and they know they’re going to survive, ” he continued, ” It’s the salt of the earth and the pillars of America right here in southern Indiana and I’m proud to be a Hoosier.”

11-year-old Zaryn added as another car drove by honking, “We’d rather be down here helping people that don’t have anything.”

Anyone willing to donate their time can help Metro United Way.

Leaders say southern Indiana will need help for months to come.  They ask anyone willing to help to sign up un advance.


The command center is open from 9 AM to 4 PM.  It’s located at 723 Spring Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

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