James Cameron winning ‘race to inner space’ in a ‘clown car’

9 Mar

Hollywood director James Cameron is winning what has been called the “race to inner space” in a futuristic submersile he described as looking like “a clown car”.

The 57-year-old Canadian-born director this week dived deeper than any other human on a solo mission at a record-breaking 5.1 miles.

Cameron, the director of Titanic and Avator, is trying to dive to the deepest place on Earth to return with specimens and images. His goal is to become the first human for more than 50 years to visit the Mariana Trench’s Challenger Deep, which plummets 6.8 miles down in the Pacific Ocean, and bring back data and specimens.


Cameron, who has been testing off Papua New Guinea, is using a submersible “as futuristic as anything in his movies,” the National Geographic scientific institution, which has partnered with the Canadian filmmaker for the Deepsea Challenge project, said.

He said: “When you’re making a movie, everybody’s read the script and they know what’s going to happen next. When you’re on an expedition, nature hasn’t read the script, the ocean hasn’t read the script, and no one knows what’s going to happen next.”

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