He’s battling a brain tumour which has left him blind, but Mount’s Jamie Whiteley’s wish comes true…

29 Feb

He is on permanent medication and has regular check-ups with the oncology specialist at Leeds.

But despite all the difficulties, Jamie’s mum Debbie describes her son as a “kind, sensitive and caring young man who always puts others before himself and just gets on with whatever life throws at him.”

When he was referred to Starlight for a wish, Jamie said: “I have chosen my wish because I would love to have a holiday of a lifetime in paradise.

“I would like to swim in the sea and maybe try scuba diving and experience thrilling things that I could not do in ordinary life.”

Jamie can see very little because of his eyesight problems and said it would be important for him to be able to have a really participatory experience, where he could really enjoy “the thrill and feel of it.”

One of Starlight’s corporate supporters, The Dovetail Agency, which is a public relations and marketing agency that specialises in travel, kindly offered to help and put Starlight in touch with the team at the luxury Maldives resort Coco Palm Bodu Hithi.


Bodu Hithi is a private island in the midst of the Indian Ocean and, edged with white sandy beaches and turquoise seas, it perfectly fitted Jamie’s description of his dream destination.

Once the team at the resort heard Jamie’s story they made an offer that would enable Starlight to send Jamie and his family to the world-renowned, five-star resort for a week.


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