Study shows 29 percent smartphone owners use their phones as shopping companions

23 Feb

Smartphone owners also like to window shop on their phones, as the study also finds 38 percent of users are highly likely to browse products on mobile apps and official online shops. And when they might be serious about purchasing something, 32 percent of smartphone owners prefer to read consumer reviews online before making the final decision. Compared to last year, retail apps have also doubled in downloads as the smartphone lifestyle become more standardized. Do these numbers contribute to mobile apps helping shoppers be more conscious about their purchases, or are the apps just making people more of an impulsive shopper since they target the mobile market? After all, the apps are made to be used on the go though one can certainly sit down and browse on the palms of their hands at home instead of on a more bulky desktop or laptop.

The least popular option of using smartphones to shop is actually paying for products with the phone. The study cites that only 18 percent of iOS and 13 percent of Android users are interested in using their phones as credit cards. It comes as no surprise, as the recent Google Wallet hack likely made consumers vary of leaving their credit card and bank account informations stored inside their phones. This is more apparent with Android users since the hack appeared on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with 33 percent of users showing absolutely no interest in such technological convenience.


Though we noted that the numbers of smartphone shoppers are lower than we thought, retailers should still be worried as the trend is likely to continue uphill the more consumers switch to the smartphone lifestyle. Pretty soon, stores might only become a showroom display of what people can buy seamlessly on the web, or at the very least, a last-minute gift shop for the procrastinating types.


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