iOS apps crash more than Android apps, study shows

4 Feb


Apps running on Apple’s iOS devices crash more frequently than Android apps according to a new study preformed by mobile app monitoring company Crittercism. The data, which was collected between December 1st and 15th last year, spans 23 different versions of iOS and 33 different Android versions. The latest version of iOS (5.0.1) leads all others with 28.64% of all crashes, Forbes reports. The OS build is still relatively new, however, so much of the poor performance could be attributed to apps that haven’t yet been properly updated. Even still, there are older version of iOS that have surprisingly high percentages — iOS 4.2.1 was responsible for 12.64% of crashes, iOS 4.3.3 had 10.66% and iOS 4.1 had 8.24%. The chart above, which represents collected from more than 214 million apps between November and December 2011, shows that iOS apps are more likely to crash across all quartiles. A second chart below shows the percentage of app crashes across all OS versions addressed by this study.



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