iPhone 4S accounts for 89% of all iPhone sales, study suggests

27 Jan


Most new iPhone buyers are choosing the iPhone 4S, according to a new report. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released data on Thursday that suggests Apple’s latest iPhone model accounts for 89% of all Apple smartphones sold since the iPhone 4S was released in October. We’re a bit surprised by the figures; the new iPhone offers beefier specs and a better camera than previous generation models, but the iPhone 3GS is free on a contract with AT&T and the iPhone 4 is still available at a discount in several markets. Still, those devices accounted for just 4% and 7% of all iPhone sales, respectively, since October according to CIRP. The research firm told AllThingsD that the 16GB iPhone 4S was the most popular model. It was responsible for 45% of all iPhone 4S sales, followed by the 32GB model (34%) and the 64GB model (21%). “An amazing 19 percent of all iPhone buyers upgraded from the iPhone 4, a phone barely a year old at the time of the launch,” Mike Levin, CIRP’s co-founder, told AllThingsD. “Forty-two percent of iPhone buyers broke existing carrier contracts to get the new iPhone 4S. And 19 percent of these iPhone 4S buyers sold their old iPhone in the secondary market.”



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