Delta, others reroute flights after solar eruption

25 Jan

Delta Air Lines has rerouted at least six flights that were to fly near the North Pole. The changes are to avoid this week’s effects of “an immense solar blast” from the Sun, FOX News reports.

The solar episode isn’t a threat to people on the ground, but it could affect communication and navigation equipment on flights flying polar routes, according to The Washington Post.

STORY:  Strongest solar storm since 2005 hitting Earth


The Los Angeles Times says some Monday flights “were rerouted around polar regions, where the flash flood of charged plasma particles may interfere with navigation systems. Others flew at lower altitudes to reduce the risk of radiation exposure.” The Times did not name specific airlines in its report.

As for Delta, spokesman Anthony Black tells FOX:

We are adjusting the flight pattern of a few of our flights. We’re flying further south than we would normally fly.


FOX adds “the changes — mainly intended to prevent loss of radio communication — affect approximately six flights today, (Black) said; the airline will re-evaluate tomorrow to determine whether additional changes will be required.”

“With all the technology of our advanced civilization, solar storms can have significant effects on communication, power, things like that,” Robert Lin, a physicist at the University of California, Berkeley, says to the Times.


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