Union Coast Introduces The JetTab – The World’s Fastest Most Powerful Tablet Device For Under $150

14 Nov



Union Coast is proud to announce the Jettab! Makes a great holiday gift. Shop at jettab.com. Compliments of Union Coast…Travel just got even easier! Union Coast is a New York based company with corporate offices located in Westchester New York.

BriefingWire.com, 10/24/2011 – Union Coast, a leading provider of high-end, low-cost tablet PCs and custom mobile solutions, has today announced the release of the JetTab, the highest performing tablet computer available for less than $150. The JetTab boasts an unparalleled choice of flexible, user-configurable options that provide the highest standards in terms of user input, performance, functionality and cost.

The culmination of more than ten years of mobile technology and internet expertise, the JetTab boasts numerous features and capabilities, allowing users to be productive on the go – anytime, anywhere. And with prices starting at under *$150, Union Coast’s dream of every man, woman and child owning a tablet device has suddenly become a reality!

Specifically designed for both professional non-professional use, in the office or out in the field, the JetTab is a robust yet highly mobile computing solution, featuring a sleek, streamlined design. Powered by the Android operating system, the JetTab boasts an 800MHZ mobile processor, making it one of the most powerful tablet devices available for under $150 and capable of running multiple Android-based applications. The processor enables faster loading of web pages, images and a much more streamlined internet browsing experience.

With a 7 inch touchscreen display providing an 800*480 resolution, the JetTab provides superior graphics and HD capability for viewing video files, media, playing games etc. The JetTab is WiFi enabled, meaning users have wireless access to high-speed internet that is on average more than 50 times faster than standard dial up connections.

Features of the JetTab include a built in, front-end camera enabling video conferencing for business professionals and live video chat for personal users. Portability-wise, the JetTab can easily be taken anywhere due to its small, lightweight design.

“We’ve really hit the mark with the design of the JetTab, offering the most enhanced user experience ever seen for under $150 in a tablet device. The price starting point for a device of this capability is way below the previous generation of tablet computers,” said Ranjit Daniel the president of Union Coast.

“As with all of our previous products, the JetTab is designed with purpose in mind, emphasizing productivity, speed and affordability. With its phenomenal power and expansion capabilities, the JetTab allows business professionals enough flexibility to support even the most specialized business applications, thanks to its add-on functionality. No longer do users need to break the bank to get their hands on the latest mobile technology”.


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